Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The First Day of .... Something

Oh Fall, I'm not sure I'm ready for you yet.

I guess I'm ok with Falls unofficial arrival, the end of summer (or lack thereof for me this year) and the start of something new. I love the crisp cold morning air and the thought of all the sweaters I bought at thrift shops.

This summer brought its share of adventure with the launch of TheJarGirl.com (yay!!) some pacific northwest gardening successes and failures, a 3 week road trip (aka jar buying trip) that took us from our front door to a few miles from the Ontario border, more hours of thrift shopping than I care to admit, a case of pneumonia :( and a family wedding at Green Lake where I am currently sitting.

We are leaving tomorrow, I am trying to rest to make sure I fully recuperate from this cough (easier said than done) but this morning I was inspired to start a little mini project I have had in the back of my head for a while now, and I thought it could use an introduction.

Jesse and I have decided to homeschool when we get to that point in our lives (working on the kids part - impatiently.)  One of the subjects we are both excited about is food education.   It's like math and health put together!   Our diet changes over the past several months have spurred some research on where to best spend our food (health) dollars and I have come to wonder, if others just had more information, would they make different choices?

Well, I will give it a shot. A daily picture guide to better food education. Maybe I should give it a catchy name... I don't see "A.D.P.G.T.B.F.E." catching on very quickly.

Here's the link to day one (A for Apple) I can't get the picture uploaded from my phone.


Hopefully friends and family will post and share - and hopefully it will have a positive impact on our collective health.

xoxo Marie

P.S.   Don't worry, I have a slew of new amazing recipes for you too!