Thursday, 14 June 2012

Black Girls

So...I am working on a big project....very stressful, very physical...and I am listening to my playlist entitled "marie's karaoke"...yes I have a playlist by that name...I like to sing along!

so, Single Ladies comes on, but the video is playing because I bought it a while back...

Now....I wouldn't consider myself to be in my physical peak at the moment, although that journey starts on monday (right @ElyshiaS??) but here's the thing....  


...there.  I said it.  Even if I was at my goal weight and I learned ALL THE MOVES from this video (which, I am embarrassed to admit is the reason I bought the video) I would never look the same....sigh.

As a person I am white, I am a lot of torso, and I have short limbs. :(

....And I am jealous.

I have a niece that is half black....I want her tan.

I had a client from Trinidad trying on jewelry a couple of nights ago and the jewelry looks amazing on her dark skin.....

And....I secretly want to be a dancer.

thats all for tonight <3

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

so i have a blog... now what?

..... thinking.....

I am puffing my cheeks up and making tiny squeeks with my lips....  this is what i do when i am unsure what to write.

I will write about me. I will try to write often. This will be a learning process.

I will do my best not to make this a blog where i brag about my life but pretend it is so awful just to disguise my bragging.  And i will TRYYYY not to whine.

I will not use proper grammar or punctuation at all times.  It's just not me.  I like dots.....and LOTS of them.  I apologize in advance, and please, if it makes you feel better, feel free to correct me. :)

I am at a strange place in my life.   For now its private, but lets just say that this time in my life is a beginning and an end.   (funny enough, i think i am a little OCD about the use of the words "a/an")

I try to hard.  I am trying hard not to try to hard, lol, I just want to write from my heart.

And I really want to know how they make teddy bears this tiny.  Just sayin.