Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Rocky Theme Song (aka. not a morning person today)

So I am B E A T this morning...not hard to understand I suppose.  We just got back from Mexico Sunday night and then last night we hosted Passover for our connect group - all 30 people!  And it was AMAZING!!!!!   You guys were awesome.  I love how everyone poured themselves into their dishes - and all of the kids played their parts flawlessly!!!   Thank you for blessing us and especially Jesse with your enthusiasm. <3

So now, its morning and we spent a couple of hours cleaning up last night, but there are several more loads of dishes to do, tables and chairs to return to the rental place and normal getting home unpacking/bill paying stuff....and I needed a "rocky" song...and this one is my current favorite so I thought I would share it with you :)

The lyrics might be questionable based on the title now that I look at it, but I honestly thought it said a lot of "don't give up"s which is a pretty good message right?? :)

It's a great 'get up and go' song - and if you like it, support this LOCAL band and BUY the song or album!

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